Pot leaves representing the recreational cannabis dispensaries in Maine.

91 Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries In Maine [2023]

Dispensaries in Maine have flourished with the legalization of pot. So, are there recreational dispensaries in Maine, there most certainly are!

Here is a list of all the Maine recreational dispensaries we can find. We continue to add to the list as we find new dispensaries have opened or others have closed.

In November 2016, adult recreational use of cannabis became legal in the state. Residents over the age of 21 can legally purchase and consume cannabis as long as they are in possession of a valid driver’s license.

Here is everything you need to know about where you can buy weed and other cannabis products in Maine. Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect dispensary in Maine for your needs!

Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries in Maine: Everything You Need to Know

Use the Table of Contents if you would like to jump straight to a town to find the location of the recreational dispensaries in Maine there.

Here is the Table of Contents for some common questions about weed dispensaries and laws regarding purchase and use in Maine.

How To Buy Marijuana in Maine as a Recreational User?

**I’m not a lawyer or official, and have summarized the laws/statutes that I’ve found on Maine government websites. If you have any doubt as to the legality of something, consult an official person!**

Maine residents 21 and older can now legally buy marijuana as an adult. However, they cannot consume the drug in public or in a vehicle. You can and will be arrested for public use or OUI (operating under the influence).

Side note: Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Yep. As crazy as it sounds, marijuana is apparently still illegal under federal law (2022).

The state allows adults who are at least 21 years old to buy two ounces of marijuana every day from a licensed dispensary (no medical card required). The state also allows people to grow/have up to three mature, 12 immature, and unlimited seedling marijuana plants at home.

The law only allows adult users to purchase marijuana. You can still get arrested for giving marijuana to a minor, even if they are an approved user under the law because a caregiver applied for a medical marijuana card for them.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland, Maine

Maine Wellness685 Congress St.
Atlantic Farms460 Warren Ave.
Grass Roots Marijuana377 St. John St.
Rose Mary Jane327 St. John St.
SeaWeed Co.23 Marginal Way
Fire on Fore367 Fore St.
Sweet Dirt1207 Forest Ave
Landrace Cannabis373 Forest Ave
Beach Boys Cannabis Company
(medical only)
115 Middle St.
High North Maine685 Congress St.
Evergreen Cannabis Company178A Washington Ave
Silver Therapeutics370 Fore St.
Venus Dispensary564 Auburn St.
Mystique of Maine745 Forest Ave.
Grow Room230 Warren Ave.
The Joint1140 Brighton Ave.

Can Tourists Buy Pot In Maine Dispensaries?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that you have a valid driver’s license. Recreational dispensaries in Maine are happy to take your money. 🙂 If you are curious, the same goes for NH if you are driving through to get to Maine.

Marijuana Dispensaries in South Portland, Maine

Theory Wellness198 Maine Mall Rd
High North29 Western Ave
SeaWeed Co.185 Running Hill Rd
Maine Cannabis Exchange27 Ocean St
Silver TherapeuticsMaine Mall Rd.
Theory Wellness198 Maine Mall Rd.
Beach Boys Cannabis Company
(medical only)
818 Maine St.
Jar Cannabis740 Broadway

Marijuana Dispensaries in Bangor, Maine

Rock Steady Remedies659 Hogan Rd.
Wildwood Cannabis601 Hammond St.
Theory Wellness569 Stillwater Ave
Firestorm1172 Hammond St
Cannabis Cured49 Bangor Mall Blvd.

What Type Of Products Are Available for Purchase?

I’m definitely no Jim Ignatowski, but all the recreational dispensaries in Maine carry their preferred products, so you might want to try different things from different dispensaries. Here’s a Taxi clip for those who don’t know Rev. Jim. (I didn’t know how to shorten the video, but the scene ends at ~2:25)

Each dispensary will carry different products, but here is a list of typical products you might find at a dispensary:

➡️ Edibles are foods infused with THC. They are meant for ingestion and can be eaten or drunk.

➡️ Concentrates are oils, waxes, or salts that have been extracted from plants. They are meant for vaporization, inhalation, or sublingual application.

➡️ Flowers are the leaves and buds from the marijuana plant and are meant in bud form.

➡️ Tinctures are liquids intended to be ingested sublingually or taken by mouth.

➡️ Other products include marijuana-infused beverages, marijuana-infused topical creams, marijuana-infused sprays, marijuana-infused suppositories, and marijuana-infused vitamins.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Waterville, Maine

Theory Wellness20 Industrial St.
Sweet Dirt475 Kennedy Memorial Dr.
Wildfire Waterville162 College Ave
Maple Valley Pharms279 Main St.
Verde Cannabis341 Main St. #1

Is Weed Delivery Available in Maine?

Yes. Apparently Maine residents can order marijuana products and have them delivered to their homes. At one time only medical marijuana was allowed to be delivered, but according to this, it looks like recreational weed can now be delivered as well.

Check with your favorite store to see what delivery options they offer.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine

Emerald River1240 Lisbon St.
Cannabis Haven1150 Center St.
20 Union St.
Mystique of
43 Mystique Way

Basic Maine Laws About Marijuana Purchase & Use

The law only allows adult users to purchase marijuana. You can still get arrested for giving marijuana to a minor, even if they are an approved user under the law because a caregiver applied for a medical marijuana card for them.

You are also not allowed to take marijuana out of Maine. Technically. It’s not like they stop you at the NH border, but they *will* stop you at the Canadian border.

You are also not allowed to mail any to anywhere. Buy it and use it here. Just don’t use it in Acadia National Park, which is federal land and you will be breaking federal law.

Don’t use it in a vehicle, either.

Use it only in your private space. Note: As with cigarette smoking, the owner of a rental unit may prohibit use on their property.

Important if you are visiting Acadia National Park

Because pot is illegal according to the federal government, you are not allowed to even possess it if you are on federal land or in a National Park, like, oh, Acadia. Leave it in your hotel room just in case.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Biddeford, Maine

Kind Guyonline ordering only
Kind Acres Farm
(medical only)
16 Barra Rd.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Windham, Maine

Seed Sound Herbals4 Whites Bridge Rd.
Paul’s Boutique Nursery8 Crimson Dr.
Jar Cannabis11 Storm Dr.

Recreational vs Medicinal Marijuana In Maine

Maine originally only had medical marijuana dispensaries. Now that recreational use is legal, there are both medical and recreational dispensaries in Maine. A dispensary may not sell both types from the same location.

I’ve also been told that medical cannabis is less expensive than recreational cannabis.

From what I understand, and I could be wrong, is that dispensaries that are medical only can add recreational to their license, but can only sell to people with medical marijuana cards.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Bridgton, Maine

Canuvo152 ME-117
Sweet Dirt1 Beaver Creek Farm Rd.

Marijuana Dispensaries In Sanford, Maine

Uncle Pete’s Releaf365 Sam Allen Rd.
Vetted Maine
(medical only but onsite
1609 Main St.
Green Fellas Cannabis9 Renaissance Way #1
Landrace Cannabis
(medical only)
22 Smada Dr.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Berwick/North Berwick, Maine

Green Truck Farm19 Buffum Rd. #6
Kind Farms Reserve357 Portland St.
Silver Therapeutics60 ME-236
different color edibles and some weed

Marijuana Dispensaries in Presque Isle, Maine

Richardson Remedies207-760-7202 for location
Full Bloom Cannabis483 Main St.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Brunswick, Maine

River Driver Cannabis132 Church St.
Northern Belle Holistic410 Bath Rd.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Gardiner, Maine

Wellness Connection of Maine31 Maine Ave
High North Maine31 Maine Ave

Marijuana Dispensaries in Farmington, Maine

Caniba Naturals
(medical, but practitioner
available online)
232 Broadway
Blue Sky104 Fairbanks Rd.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Other Towns & Cities in Maine

in alphabetical order by town

AugustaOrigins Cannabis264 Civic Center Dr.
BathHigh Brow137 Leeman Highway
BoothbayHighly Cannaco638 Wiscassett Rd.
BrewerHigh North Maine221 Dirigo Drive
CaribouRichardson Remedies207-493-1181 for location
Cannabis Cured1215 Carrabassett Dr
CumberlandEvergreen Cannabis Company222 Gray Rd.
DamariscottaCoastal Cannabis Company53A Chapman St.
EliotEast Coast Cannabis290 ME-236
Fort KentFull Bloom Cannabis (medical)258 W. Main #101
Grand IsleFull Bloom Cannabis613 Main St.
HollisLandrace Cannabis415 Hollis Rd.
KitterySouthern Maine Apothecary
114 State Rd.
LebanonEast Coast Cannabis1716 Carl Broggi Highway
Lisbon FallsRiver Driver Cannabis8 Main St.
ManchesterOrigins Cannabis884 Western Ave.
Mechanic Falls420 Pharma (medical)360 Pleasant St.
MedwayBudz Emporium1995 Medway Rd.
NewfeldAbove All Greenery505 Bond Spring Rd.
NewryJar Cannabis2 Post Office Drive
NorthportSweet Relief Shop1 Priest Rd.
(check for rec hours)
Old Orchard BeachBeach Boys Cannabis Company30 Saco Ave
OtisfieldLovelight Medicinals998 Bolsters Mills Rd.
OxfordThe Hideaway1192 Main St.
PolandHi Lo Dispensary435 Maine St.
RocklandBotany403 Main St.
SacoZero Gravity Cannabis74 Industrial Park Rd.
StrattonNorth Land Botanicals152 Main St.
Southwest HarborThe Meristem11 Seal Cove Rd.
ThomastonCannabis Cured155 New County Rd.
WellsCuraleaf (medical)913 Post Rd.
WindhamJar Cannabis11 Storm Drive

***Here is a link to the Maine statutes if you would like to read them.***

***more rules Maine cannabis laws***

Conclusion: Maine Recreational Dispensaries 2023

Photo of one of the recreational dispensaries in Maine.

So, does Maine have recreational dispensaries? Hopefully, that question has already been answered!

There’s all there is to know about Maine recreational dispensaries–2023.

Maine has taken a huge step forward in the marijuana industry. Now that recreational use is here, it’s going to be important to keep up with new laws and regulations as they come.

If you are a tourist visiting from out of state, you can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. You cannot possess more than 2.5 ounces, and you cannot consume marijuana in public.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and federal authorities have vowed to arrest and prosecute anyone breaking state marijuana laws. Please don’t carry your pot into Acadia National Park–just in case!

As for ‘are there dispensaries in Maine’ or ‘how many dispensaries are in Maine’, I’ve searched and searched and added every one I could find. Maybe there are more without a web presence, but for now, I’m going with 89, +/- 5 (recreational) for those I may have missed.

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