A lighthouse on the rocky coast of Maine representing 100 amazing things to do in Maine.

100+ Amazing Things To Do In Maine

Here are 100+ amazing things to do in Maine that will keep you busy through all four seasons in our Pine Tree State. We’ve lived the majority of our adult lives in Maine, and we still find new and amazing things to do in all seasons.

What is the best time to visit Maine?

The best time to visit Maine depends on whether you are a summer or winter person and the types of things you want to do. Do you want to go whale watching, see incredible foliage, or go skiing? As you can see, there are tons of amazing things to do any time of year in Maine.

Calendar pin so you remember to mark your calendar when you find things to do in Maine!

While Maine is certainly known for its outdoor activities, there are plenty of fantastic things to do in Maine indoors as well.

Art Museums / Art Galleries

✅ The Zillman Art Museum in Bangor is part of the University of Maine/Orono, is surprisingly nice, and is free. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Bowdoin, Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville, and the Museum of Art at Bates College are all great museums and are free to the public.

Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland, Maine is focused on, as the title says, contemporary art in Maine. They also do workshops and have Free on Friday events.

✅ The Portland Museum of Art offers a cafe, sculpture garden, and activities for kids. There is an admission fee, but if you go between 4 pm and 8 pm on Friday nights admission is free.

More things to do in Maine--Museums to visit in Maine; person in wheelchair looking at art.

Transportation Museums

✅ At first, the Cole Land Transportation Museum might not seem like it would be too interesting, but it is surprisingly fun. There are so many cool, old vehicles of all types representing the state of Maine, as well as old military vehicles.

You really should put this on your list of things to do in Maine. You won’t be disappointed!

✅ The Maine Narrow Gauge Railway offers 35-minute rides on restored historic steam and diesel trains. Your ride will take you around Casco Bay.

✅ The Owl’s Head Transportation Museum specializes in pre-1940s vehicles of all types and they have an educational focus.

✅ The Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport proudly claims to be the largest and oldest museum dedicated to electric railways in the world. The museum focuses on the role of public transportation in daily life, and, of course, you can take a trolley ride.

Cole is a thing to do in Maine on a rainy day.

Miscellaneous Museums & Cultural Attractions

✅ The Redington Museum in Waterville is a historic house built in 1814 that demonstrates what life was like ‘back in the day’. It is also one of the stops on the Museum of the Streets/Waterville. There are several Museum of the Streets throughout Maine.

✅ The Penobscot Marine Museum tells Maine’s maritime history. It includes an entire campus of buildings and is located in the great little town of Searsport.

Maine has an actual Umbrella Cover Museum on Peaks Island! The collection started by happenstance, and now boasts thousands of umbrella covers. You can take the Casco Bay Ferry out to Peaks Island to visit the museum.

✅ The Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor just keeps getting bigger and better all the time. This is an amazing museum for kids. When I’ve been there, most kids’ favorite spot was the beaver lodge, but there is so much for kids to do that it’s worth setting aside the time to visit.

If you have kids with you, you will definitely want to put this on your list of things to do in Maine while you are here.

✅ There is no way I can mention ‘culture’ and ‘Bangor’ without talking about visiting Stephen King’s house in Bangor. His work is such a large part of our culture, and his house is so amazing, that it is definitely worth visiting.

✅ The Dorr Museum of Natural History, located at College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor is dedicated to the natural world found in Maine. One of the things kids love is the tidal pool tank.

✅ The Maine State Museum in Augusta, Maine’s capital city, tells the story of Maine in a way no other museum does. It is full of artifacts showing daily life and work throughout the *centuries* in Maine. I was fascinated by the logging tools, especially the history of the peavy.

✅ The Maine Lighthouse Museum is located in Rockland, Maine, and is obviously dedicated to lighthouses. However, it also focuses on the Coast Guard, and how that combination has been lifesaving to so many people throughout history.

✅ Maine has the only International Cryptozoology Museum in the world in Portland! If you want to visit a museum that is truly one-of-a-kind, this is the museum for you. It’s also just really cool, and a really unique thing to do in Maine.

✅ The Peary-McMillian Arctic Museum is located at Bowdoin College. Famous Arctic explorers Robert E. Peary and Donald B. MacMillan both attended Bowdoin College, hence the amazing museum full of incredible Arctic Artifacts.

Having lived in a remote Alaskan village, I love this museum!

✅ Portland’s Victoria Mansion is a national historic site and is just spectacular. You’ll step back in time to see what life was like for the super-rich back in the 1800s (this was actually someone’s summer home!).

Visit a museum

Theaters & Concert Venues

Virtually every bar is a concert venue, and all the colleges offer concerts, so I’m just going to list out a few of my favorite places to see a show. There is also local music/live entertainment all over Maine, so add catching a concert to your list of things to do in Maine.

Thompson’s Point vs Thomas Point. People mix these up all the time.

Thompson’s Point is in Portland and can be seen from the highway. I know there have been big name concerts there–think Bob Dylan–but I’ve never been because I don’t like the location.

✅ Now Thomas Point, that’s a different story. I love it there. They are famous for their Blue Grass Festival, and they have all kinds of cool events. They are on the ocean, but in a forest! It’s a really great place to get a serious Maine vibe.

✅ The Chocolate Church in Bath, Maine. I know this is a little place, and off-the-beaten path, but they have some great local music there in a fabulous setting.

✅ The Rack is a restaurant/music venue at Sugarloaf Mountain. You can ski all day and then catch some amazing local shows at the bottom of the hill.

Wolfe’s Neck Center in Freeport is an amazing educational farm that also holds events. For a true Maine experience, see if there are any shows happening at night so you can hang out in the amazing barn (picture below).

✅ Darling’s Waterfront Pavillion is a pretty nice outdoor venue in Bangor. It’s also home to the Maine Folk Festival, which is a huge three-day event with several stages and tons of vendors.

✅ The Maine State Pier is also a big outdoor venue, but in Portland.

✅ Lastly, we have big arenas like the Cross Arena in Portland, Cross Center in Bangor, and the Merrill Auditorium, also in Portland.

✅ One of my all-time favorite places to see some local music is Moose Alley in Rangeley.

Not only is the venue itself super fun with pool tables and a bowling alley — rock, roll, and bowl — but Rangeley Lake is right there, and there is hiking and cross-country skiing so it’s worth making a weekend out of it.

Barn with lights at Wolfe's Neck in Maine


It almost goes without saying that you will find some good seafood in Maine. Portland is also full of amazing ethnic and highly-rated restaurants. For that reason, I’m just going to list a few restaurants that are either my favorites or are iconic Maine experiences.

✅ At Natalie’s in Camden–one of the amazing coastal towns that makes up the midcoast Maine region, you will find unexpected dining that rivals anything you’d find in any major city.

It is service, quality, and creativity at their best. The restaurant is located in what was once a huge single-family home.

It offers prix fixe menus of amazing food, and I think that one of its standard menus is a lobster progression. I don’t go there much because it’s on the expensive side, but for a special treat or date night, this is an amazing place.

Earth at Hidden Pond is another fine dining restaurant, located in Kennebunkport. It is truly farm to table, with many of its herbs and vegetables coming from on-site gardens. Reservations are required. It’s also the first place I ever tried shishito peppers, and now they are an obsession!

Red’s Eats in Wiscassett is so famous that you’ve probably already planned to get a lobster roll there! It’s consistently voted best lobster roll in Maine–and that’s saying something.

It’s been featured on many food shows, and written about in newspapers and magazines, yet it’s just a little stand on the side of the road! Red’s is amazing, and you don’t want to leave Maine without being able to say you got a lobster roll there.

✅ If you want some real Maine food, Governor’s is the place for you. It’s an iconic Maine restaurant that has been around forever. The portions are large and the prices are fair.

It’s like eating in a diner, but at a restaurant. Literally, every person in Maine has eaten at Governor’s, and most likely more than once.

Moody’s Diner is another iconic restaurant that everyone in Maine has been to that’s been around for decades and decades. It is a traditional diner that’s worth going a little bit out of your way to visit. If you are traveling Rt. 1, you are in luck because you’ll pass right by it!

A few foods that you will find everywhere in Maine are whoopie pies, lobster, and everything blueberry. Maine happens to be the only state that commercially harvests wild blueberries, so we make sure to put them in everything.

Make sure you sample some of these foods before you leave.

For more dining ideas in Maine, check our Fine Dining In Maine page.

cooked lobster on a plate--one of the things you have to do in Maine!

Cruises, Boat Tours, & Kayaking

Go Kayaking

If you saw our about page, you can see that we love kayaking, and what better place than Maine where we have over 50 lakes that cover more than 5 miles of area, and over 70 rivers that are at least 20 miles long!

Information abounds on the large lakes and rivers where you can kayak, but I have a favorite place that is pretty unexpected. It is located in Waterville on North St. You’ll find a small community garden right next to a playground and public pool. Park in that lot, and it’s a short walk down to the water.

I’ve seen so much wildlife there, and there’s almost never any other kayakers or boaters. It’s really peaceful and beautiful, so if you’re in central Maine, try this off-the-beaten path kayaking spot on the Messalonskee Stream.

Two kayaks with paddles sitting on the shore near the water for things to do in Maine.

Cruises & Boat Tours

Below is a list of my favorite cruises and boat tours in Maine. These are the ones that are tried and true and definitely won’t disappoint.

✅ If you are in the Moosehead Lake area, check out Katahdin Cruises. They offer so many cruises, including a fly-in cruise, that you will definitely find one that suits your interests. I love the old-school Katahdin steamboat.

✅ The Nova Scotia Cat is a 3.5 hour cruise that brings you to Nova Scotia, Canada from Bar Harbor. You can take a vehicle onboard so you can do some exploring in Canada as well.

Hardy Boat Cruises offer Puffin viewing tours, seal watching tours, educational tours, and more. They are located sort of between Bangor and Portland, and out to the coast, obviously!

✅ If you’ve never been on a schooner, you have to book a cruise through Portland Schooner. They offer all types of cruises, and, again, if you’ve never been on a schooner, don’t miss out. The experience is different from any other type of boat you’ll take.

✅ There are many whale-watching tours throughout Maine. If you’ll be in the Kennebunkport area, check out these two great whale-watching tours.

✅ A popular tour, and one you should really take, is on the Casco Bay Ferry. There are just too many options to list, but you’ll use this ferry to visit any or all of the amazing islands in Casco Bay. The picture below was taken from Peaks Island, one of the ferry stops.

Lobster traps & buoys on Peaks Island in Maine--more things to do in Maine

State Parks & Nature & Wildlife

✅ First and foremost, we have Acadia National Park. Literally, millions of people visit the park each year. There is so much to do here, that it requires an entire site.

If you are coming to Maine, check for updates on the National Park Service’s site to make sure everything you want to see is open. One of the main attractions–besides the stunning ocean views–is Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest point on the Eastern Seaboard.

Reid State Park is home to my absolute favorite beach in Maine. I almost don’t want to share it because I don’t want it to start getting crowded. I’ve been there on an 80* day, and it was virtually empty, and that is normal. If you are looking for a peaceful, sandy (depending on the tide) beach, this is the place for you.

Baxter State Park comprises over 200,000 acres of Maine wilderness. There are more than 200 different hiking trails (it is also the terminus of the Appalachian Trail) and hundreds of campsites. If you want to visit wild Maine, this is it.

Quoddy Head State Park was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson! It boasts an iconic red and white striped lighthouse.

✅ The Bangor & Aroostook Trail is a 61-mile long gravel trail that is open to multiple use vehicles. It is beautiful, passing through fields and deep woods while following streams, but it is definitely remote, so don’t go unprepared, especially if you are hiking or biking.

✅ Way up north in Presque Isle you’ll find Aroostook State Park, Maine’s very first state park. It comprises over 800 acres and is home to Echo Lake.

Bald Mountain Public Lands, located in Farmington offers a fairly easy one-mile hike up to the summit. From there you will have amazing views of lakes and small towns. In the fall when the leaves are changing, it’s especially beautiful.

If you want to feel like you are on one of those adventure wilderness shows, you can go winter camping on the public lands in Maine!

Bigelow Preserve Public Landsis certainly beautiful and offers fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, hiking, and anything else you could think of for outdoor activities.

However, its real claim to fame is being part of the 740-mile long Northern Forest Canoe Trail that runs through New York, Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire, and of course, Maine.

I’ve just listed my favorite parks, but there are many others to visit in Maine. Maine’s Dept. of Agriculture has a site where you can find parks by region and find out when they are open and what the entrance fees, if any, are. You can find that site here.

picture of lake with trees starting to change color


Maine has more coastline than any other US state! You might be thinking, “Impossible! What about California?” When you take into account all the small peninsulas and craggy inlets, yes, Maine has the longest coastline in the US.

We also have many sandy beaches, although when most people think of Maine’s coastline, they think of our gorgeous rocky cliffs and not so much our beautiful beaches.

✅ My very favorite beach is at Reid State Park. It is so quiet and serene, but interesting at the same time. There are actually two separate beaches there, one that is strictly a beach, and one that includes picnic tables and grills.

I like the smaller strictly-a-beach beach.

✅ Right next door to Reid State Park is Popham Beach. Popham is what Reid would be if more people knew about it. Popham is a nice beach, but it can be pretty crowded, relatively speaking.

✅ Speaking of crowded, there is Old Orchard Beach, or as we call it OOB, and it is one of the most popular beaches. Old Orchard Beach is a traditional vacation beach, as it is full of food vendors and shops.

It also has a pretty big pier which makes it a bit different from most of the beaches in Maine. However, the biggest difference is that it is basically an amusement park, and even has a Ferris wheel!

I don’t love OOB, but I’ve included it because so many people do. You’ll often see cars with big oval stickers that say OOB; I guess that’s how much they love it!

✅ If you are in the most southern part of the state, Ogunquit Beach and Scarborough Beach are pretty popular, and often crowded. Again, crowded is relative. If you are used to the Jersey Shore, most of Maine’s crowded beaches might not seem very crowded to you.

✅ When we lived in Bangor, we used to go to Acadia National Park *a lot*. That’s an entire post or two on its own, but my favorite beach there was Sand Beach.

Even for someone who is used to Maine and its chilly Atlantic Ocean, this water is COLD.

However, it’s a small, beautiful beach in an amazing setting, and worth the trip if you find yourself in Acadia. It’s also just a day trip from Portland, our largest city, if you find yourself in the city.

more things to do in Maine picture of a beach in Maine
This is NOT Sand Beach!


Due to its rocky coastline, Maine still has active lighthouses. Maine has just over 60 lighthouses, but not all of them are open to the public, so I’ll just list the most famous ones here. An entire Maine vacation could be spent just visiting lighthouses!

Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth is as beautiful as all the pictures you will see, which is why it’s the most photographed lighthouse in Maine. It’s also the oldest lighthouse in Maine. There is a small museum there, and the grounds are a beautiful park.

During one visit, I got to see a wedding being performed! That’s how beautiful it is.

✅ The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in West Quoddy State Park is postcard-perfect, too. One of the unique things about this lighthouse is that it still has red and white stripes on it!

To add another super cool reason to visit this lighthouse, it is located in Lubec, Maine, the easternmost point in the United States. If you’re there at sunrise, you’ll see the sun before anyone else in the US!

✅ The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in Portland is really unique because it sits out at the tip of a rocky breakwater located in Preble Park, one of Maine’s many historic sites.

✅ The Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine is another beautiful lighthouse. Of course, it sits on a rocky coast, and the lighthouse is accessible via a footbridge.

There is a keeper’s house and museum, and the setting is beautiful. The lighthouse was made famous because it’s the lighthouse that Forest Gump ran to.

✅ The Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, in Portland, of course, is probably the cutest lighthouse in Maine. Its nickname is the Bug Lighthouse; I’m sure you can figure out why! (Hint: It’s as cute as a _________________.)

things to do in maine--lighthouses

Amusement Parks & Zoos

Funtown Splashtown is a huge water/amusement park. While it’s a lot of fun, it can get really busy. Also, be warned that if you go in June, it is often extra crowded because many schools go there for end-of-the-year field trips.

Aquaboggin Water Park is located in Saco, Maine and has a wide variety of things to do. They have a wave pool, amazing water slides, tubing rides, bumper cars and bumper boats, and a toddler play area.

Palace Playland is a pretty big amusement park located right at Old Orchard Beach.

York’s Wild Kingdom is a pretty famous zoo in Maine. They have all kinds of animals and a butterfly kingdom.

The Maine Wildlife Park is part of the Dept. of Inland Fisheries and wildlife. The animals there are all native Maine animals that have been injured or for some other reason are no longer able to survive in the wild (including moose).

Festivals & Fairs

Maine is home to an incredible number of festivals and fairs every year. We even have a Black Fly Festival and a Potato Blossom Festival. It would be nearly impossible to list them all, so, again, I’ll list my favorites.

Winter Festivals In Maine–this is a separate post about all the crazy festivals we have in the winter.

✅ The Freeport Sparkle Festival is an amazing Christmas/December experience.

✅ The Fire & Ice Festival is full of, well, fire and ice. Add food, drinks, and music, and it’s just an incredible event. It sells out every . single . year . super early.

✅ We have tons of film festivals, with the most famous being the Maine International Film Festival at Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville. Okay, so it’s not a music festival, but it’s still something you should go out of your way to see.

They bring in films from all over the world, show films by Maine filmmakers, and honor someone famous every year with a lifetime achievement award. It’s well known enough that the famous person actually comes to Maine to accept the award.

✅ The American Folk Festival is held every year in Bangor. It’s a three-day event with multiple stages and many vendors. Admission is free, though a donation is encouraged.

✅ The Maine Folk Festival is held at Thomas Point Point Beach & Campground.

✅ The Bluegrass Festival is held at Thomas Point every year. The venue is next to an ocean inlet, but in the middle of the woods. Since it’s also a campground, so a lot of people camp out for all four days of the event.

✅ The Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft. Yes, Maine is famous for its whoopie pies, which are such a part of the culture here that we have a whole festival about this delicious little cake.

whoopie pies--definitely a thing you want to do in Maine!

✅ The Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland. What more is there to say?

✅ The Yarmouth Clam Festival in Yarmouth is another several-day event. It includes vendors, bands, food, and all kinds of fun activities. It always starts on the third Friday in July.

✅ The Maine Blues Festival is a one-day, multi-stage event in Lisbon Falls. The setting is beautiful and there are lots of local vendors.

Most Maine fairs have more or less the same attractions–livestock events, rides, food stalls, and vendors. The difference is really in scale, as some focus a little more on attractions while others focus more on the animals.

Here are some popular fairs in Maine, listed vaguely in order from least agricultural to most agricultural. The Common Ground Fair is really unique and doesn’t quite fit either of those descriptions.

✔️ Skowhegan Fair

✔️ Bangor State Fair

✔️ Topsham State Fair

✔️ The Windsor Fair

✔️ Blue Hill Fair

✔️ Fryeburg Fair

Common Ground Fair–Put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners. This fair is super popular. While the other fairs can back up traffic a bit, you could sit in miles of stopped traffic trying to get to this fair.

Anyone who is able to brings a bike and parks miles away and rides their bike in to avoid the traffic. Having said that, getting in is worth it.


Imbibing in Maine

It’s sort of funny, but in spite of all the incredible local breweries, distilleries, and wineries, if you spend any length of time here around the locals, you’ll find out that Allen’s coffee brandy is the unofficial drink of Maine.

Micro/Craft Breweries

Over the past twenty years, Maine has really kicked up its craft beer game. I’m not even sure how many there are, because there are new ones popping up all the time.

While I could go on and on, I’m only going to list some of the more famous breweries, so head over to the Maine Brewers’ Guild for a comprehensive list of your options.

Sea Dog Brewing Company is pretty famous, and you can easily find their beer everywhere. They also have restaurants scattered all over Maine.

Allagash Brewing Company is in Portland, and they offer tours that are pretty interesting–then again, I guess all brewery tours would be!

Allagash White is my absolute favorite beer, and when I’m traveling I truly miss it because then I have to pore over a beer list and hope I can find something I like.

Baxter Brewing is another pretty famous brewery in Maine, and you can likely find their beer on any restaurant or bar menu. They are located in Lewiston, Maine and have a pretty cool pub there.

If you visit the pub on the right Friday (teacher payday Friday!) in the late afternoon, you’ll find a lot of local teachers getting in some much-needed relaxation.

Sebago Brewing has several brewpubs, but their brewery is located in Gorham, Maine. You can take a free tour of the brewery, then stop into the tasting room where they have all their classic, as well as whatever the seasonal, beer on tap.

The Liberal Cup Public House & Brewery is one of my favorites, and not only because it was a short drive from my house! The owners wanted to create an English pub feel, and they pulled it off. It’s also located in Hallowell, Maine on one of the coolest streets you’ll find outside of Portland.

Marshall Wharf Brewing Company is located in Belfast, Maine, one of the many really cool cities/towns in Maine. There’s nothing more to say than they have a beer atrium!

Cushnoc Brewing Co. has a few locations depending on whether you are heading to the tasting room, brewery, or restaurant. I’ve only visited the restaurant, but you can get a flight there plus some awesome food. The restaurant is located in Augusta, Maine.

Cushnoc Brewer Restaurant is one more thing to do in Maine

If you are going to be in central Maine and want to test out a bunch of these different craft beers, check out our post on great bars in Waterville. On a short stretch of downtown, you are sure to find beer from all these great craft breweries.


As with beer, Maine wine has come into its own. We have so many wineries and vineyards that there is an official Maine wine trail!

Again, there are so many wineries in Maine that I am just going to list some of the ones I’ve personally visited because I had heard they were really good, and they offered tours.

I’ve now added a page of places you can go wine tasting. It was tough research :-), but someone had to do it.

Anthony Lee’s Winery is a small winery located in Dexter, Me. All of their wines are produced with Maine ingredients, so you’ll find wines like blueberry, apple, cranberry, dandelion, and all sorts of fruits, berries, and grapes that you would find in Maine.

The Fat Friar’s Mead is located in Newcastle, Maine, and specializes in–you guessed it–mead! Mead is basically a fermented drink made with honey, and is very different than both beer and wine. If you’ve never tried it, they have a tasting room, and you might discover a new favorite drink!

Tree Spirits Winery & Distillery is located in Oakland, Maine. You can get tours and tastings of their award-winning wines. They even make Absinthe there, which is pretty unique.

Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery is located in Union, Maine. They usually have hard ciders and wines, as well as vermouth. Again, they use only Maine grains and fruits.

Shalom Organic Farm & Winery in Eastbrook, Maine uses their own organic ingredients, and the small number of outside ingredients are still from Maine and are certified organic as well. You can usually find blueberry, apple, pear, and cranberry wine here, as well as some honey mead.

Prospect Hill Winery & Vineyard, in Lebanon, Maine has to put special GPS instructions on their site because they are so far off the beaten path! This should not discourage you from going, because it will be worth the trip. All of their wine is made from grapes that they grow right on the property.

wine and grapes


Maine also has a growing number of distilleries. Some of these are listed in the winery section as well because both their wine and their spirits deserve some attention!

Tree Spirits Winery & Distillery in Oakland, Maine is my first mention because I really like their absinthe! There are other distilleries in Maine making it, but this is my favorite.

Cold River Vodka focuses on vodka and gin which are made from Maine potatoes. The truly coolest thing about their spirits (besides their taste!) is that they hand number every bottle!

At Wiggly Bridge Distillery in York, Maine, you can purchase whiskey, bourbon, gin, rum, vodka, and agave spirits. They offer tours, but if you really want to go all out, for $349 you can be a distiller for a day!

New England Distilling, in Portland, Maine offers whiskey, bourbon, rum, and gin. It’s located in Portland’s brewery district, and they like to remind you to take a break from all those beer tastings and come enjoy a spirit tasting as well.

Sebago Lake Distillery in Gardiner, Maine in the beautiful Sebago Lake area focuses only on rum, so you know they do it right. I like their Spider Island Rum because it makes me feel like a pirate (and if you drink too much you might start believing it!)

Newcastle Split Rock Distillery is in Newcastle, Maine, and they make whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and gin. Something kind of unique is that they make and sell their own bitters.

✅ At Sweet Grass Winery & Distillery in Union, Maine you’ll find flavors like maple and rhubarb in their various spirits and liqueurs. They are especially known for their Back River Gin, which according to those in the know in the spirits world, can be described like this:

“The aroma’s unlike any other gin in the world, and better than a whole slew of them.”

Visiting distilleries is one thing you can do in Maine.


Anyone 21 years or older is allowed to purchase cannabis products from a dispensary in Maine. Just make sure you have a valid, state-issued id with you.

Maine’s come a long way from the days when even to purchase edibles for insomnia you had to jump through hoops and get a doctor’s note. Now you can show your id, walk right in, and purchase (almost) whatever you want. It is, however, illegal to consume in public.

If you’re looking for a dispensary in your area, check out our comprehensive list of dispensaries in Maine.

How to Get To Maine

What airport do you use to fly into Maine?

There are two major airports in Maine, Bangor International Airport and Portland International Jetport. Most airlines fly into both, but their schedules are not as frequent as say Boston or Philadelphia airports.

Many people fly into Bangor International Airport when they want to visit Bar Harbor or Acadia National Park, and Portland International Jetport if they are interested in the southern part of the state.

There are also smaller airports throughout the state that mainly serve private planes. There are 32 of these smaller airports, located in towns like Waterville, Rangeley, Houlton, Wiscasset, Augusta, Lincoln, and more.

Can I take a train to Maine?

The Amtrak Downeaster is the only train that goes into Maine. You can catch it in Boston where the route starts. There are stops in Massachusetts and New Hampshire along the way, and in Maine, you can get off in Brunswick, Freeport, Portland, Old Orchard Beach, Saco, and Wells.

Conclusion: 100+ Amazing Things To Do In Maine

. . . so no matter when you come, you’ll have a great time. In fact, it is worth visiting during every season to really see what Maine has to offer. There is a reason our license plates say Vacationland on them!

Sandy beaches are another thing to do in Maine.
Yes, Maine has sandy beaches!

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